Wholesale Clothing

Our wholesale company and the parent company of Pop Boutique is the Vintage Clothing Company Ltd. Based in a small town in the north of England we have been wholesaling vintage clothing for over 25 years processing over 300,000 kilos of vintage clothing every year .

We have a strong client base in the UK but also export with customers from all over the globe including Japan, USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, France, Belgium Australia and just about everywhere you can imagine.

Many of these clients have shopped with us for over 20 years .Our large warehouse facility allows us to carry the stock so small indies have no need to carry stock they don’t need. We organise transportation of goods and negotiate great rates with shipping companies to save clients extra costs.

Alongside the wholesale vintage clothing we have our own label pop .Pop started out in 1998 and from humble beginnings but now sells over 250,000 garment per annum.

The recycled range of pop is mainly made in the north of England. We hate waste and have a zero waste company policy all packaging being recycled and all waste textiles being collected on a weekly basis from our warehouse facility. We have a strong ethical policy and regularly inspect all factories supplying all garments vintage, recycled and pop.